Grupo Lomex
Our Group Foods Executive Aviation Helicopters

Our Group

We are a group formed by different Business lines that offers Foods, Automotive, Executive Aviation, and Helicopters.

Our operations are located in northern, central and western Mexico, focuses its growth by promoting new business opportunities to meet current and future needs of our market.

All backed by a solid organizational structure, being our main goal, the satisfaction guarantee of our customers through the professionalism and experience in each of the industries that conform Lomex Group.

Our values

Act with congruence, coherence, sincerity and honesty, abiding by principles of justice, both within as outside the organization.

Acting energetically in the execution of tasks to attain planned results efficiently, as well as the profitability of each business unit, surpassing our own excellence standards.

Acknowledging the value of each person, treating others the way I want to be treated, setting aside any kind of offense and prejudice.

Fulfilling individual and team tasks, which entails a focus on enforceability and accountability on each decision made by our area.

An agreement that is voluntarily acquired by any person regarding the achievement of objectives, goals and everyday activities.

Devote our heart and dedication to all our actions, committed to the best possible version of ourselves.


Deliver the maximum level of satisfaction to our collaborators, customers and associates with Energy and Passion, offering reliable solutions with quality products and services.


Become an entrepreneurial group, and an international reference, that creates valuable life experiences in the markets in which it participates.