Lomex Aeronautica

Flight solutions tailored to every need

Our commitment is to provide proposals of integral value of air services, which guarantee the safety, efficiency and quality necessary to satisfy any mission required by our customers.

More than 40 years providing cost-effective and effective quality services, which are recognized in the aviation industry.

Areonautical services specialized in fixed wing and rotary wing

The highest level of service and a completely satisfying experience, tailored to every need.

Rotary Wing Business Units

Specialized Helicopter Services

Solutions that satisfy

Operation, personnel and cargo transportation, preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as FBO services.

Aeroserviciso Especializados, leading company in Mexico for personnel transportation operations with helicopters among other services. In addition provides a range of MRO solutions, serving the energy industry of the country.

In differnt cities of South America we are the air support of the Energy, Oil & Gas, Metallurgical and Ecological sectors, as well as private transport and cargo.

Business Units Rotary Wing

Executive Aviation Services

Executive transportation, exclusivity, safety and comfort that transform each trip into a unique experience. Managing the operation, maintenance and services of FBO.

We offer unique flight experiences for distinguished customers who prefer agile, safe and personalized attention of the highest level.

We provide facilities and technology for maintenance, paint workshop, overnight and custody, traffic, dispatch, management and FBO of aircraft and helicopters.