Lomex Foods

We spice up the best moments of the day

We bring people together with their favorite foods from the hand of vending machines. We also keep alive the traditions of the country with a wide variety of regional candies, made with ancestral recipes.

Our task is to please the craving of any company or person

Taste and convenience at your fingertips

Our extensive experience in recognizing and transforming consumer needs makes us market leaders.

Food Companies

Vending machines and traditional candies

Solutions that provide flavor.

In addition to producing a variety of traditional candies using the original récipes, we manage a wide variety of products distributed in vending machines for your business.

Leaders in the installation, sourcing and maintenance of Vending Machines in more than 1,000 private companies and with more than 1,800 outlets in urban transit zones.

We produce burnt milk sweets and healthy snacks, with the true taste of regional sweet