Helicopters to achive objectives

We consolidated efforts to complete high-precision helicopter missions in South America. Safety, efficiency and strenght of being professionals is our fuel, committed with maximum comfort and exceptional quality service.

Any mission puts our dedication aloft.

Maximum flight safety is our label



No matter how difficult the misión is, the safety of our passengers, crew and fleet is our number one priority.

That is why we calculate every detail before any operation, offering innovative and precise solutions for the needs of our customers, with a complete monitoring of the aeronautical and environmental regulations of South America.

Heliamérica is a company without limits

Aeroservicios Especializados

in South America

We work with a world-class reputation

Our pilots are trained to offer state-of-the-art solutions both on air and on land, ready to meet the objectives of the mining, oil, metallurgical and ecological sector, as well as private and cargo transport, photography or aerial filming in South America.