We promote the elaboration of artisanal flavor candies in Mexico

We know that every taste is a memory, that is why at Roge we take care of sweetening the lives of our customers with a wide variety of regional candies, made from burnt milk and faithful to the original recipes.

Our job is to maintain the tradition of Mexican candies



We know that behind each product there are many emotions, warmth and a taste for the palate that makes us unique in the world.

That's why we make regional candies with the same care and dedication as our ancestors, preserving their delicious flavor for you from the heart.

The tasty tradition of awakening and creating memories

Roge is part of Mexico's history

The tastiest traditional candies of Mexico

The magic of the region directly to your mouth

We use the best selection of ingredients to guarantee the unique quality and flavor that characterizes us. A 100% artisanal process that pleases even the most demanding palates, and that allows us to produce a vast and delicious range of products including:

The Traditional Line

Composed of milk balls, glories, custards, wafers, soft peanut marzipan, peanut candy, as well as bags, plates and trays with assorted products.

The Gourmet Line

Integrated with the guava roll, the fruit roll, and abtable Gloria and Sweet Ball.